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Alternative Energy and Sustainable Future

Research into a Sustainable Future or alternative energy has been going on for roughly 30 years. In the beginning some scientist were faced with challenges by others who deemed that their work was only for their geographic areas, and not really for the use of all mankind. Later, more rigidly controlled studies were approached to ensure that all of mankind would benefit from this research to prove that it is indeed useful for everyone and not just one general area. Other studies were conducted and it showed that some places needs more alternative energy than other place, such as poverty places compared to urban areas of America.Get Help With Your Essay

Over the past 30 years, scientists have demonstrated that alternative energy (water, wind, steam, and heat) resemble fossil fuel abilities more than ever possible. Just how close that resemblance extends, however, has been a matter of some controversy. Scientists agree that they have acquired fairly valuable grounds to the success of alternative energy and artificial materials, but they have drawn quite different conclusions in addressing the following questions

In an influential article, Laughlin (2010) argued that alternative energy experiments were not just focused on a certain part or group of the world but rather the fact that it based on experiments done for the whole world in general. Laughlin and his colleagues at Petroleum Administration for Defense Districts (PADD) did extensive research of the cost of alternative energy and conventional energy, and what this means for the world to shed light on much needed attention. In fact, funding for these experiments were provided by key stakeholders on a voluntary basis to show understanding on how the prices compared and what deals the people obtain such resources will be getting out of theses resources.

In retrospect, the conclusions of Michael D. Laughlin seem to have been premature. Although some alternative energy and conventional energy studies had not been rigorously controlled to eliminate cuing, even as early as the production era of America, the down fall of the stock market has pushed all expensive to a semi-halt, with the increase of buying these energies (Alternative Energy, 2010). Since 2000, researchers have diligently guarded against cuing.

Perhaps the evidence that renewable energy is merely a response to cues is that mankind is indeed using more energy than that can be reproduced. Like many of the renewable energy studied, many have been in use for long time and others are being experimented with, such as solar energy, wind turbine energy, water energy, and steam energy (Alternative Energy, 2010). At the Alternative Energy Institute (AEI) founded in 1977 at “West Texas State University, Texas, USA, as an outgrowth of wind energy research begun in 1970. AEI’s primary emphasis has been placed on wind energy, though certain research and education are also on solar energy. Recognized both nationally and internationally, AEI is proud to be the major information resource of wind energy for the State of Texas” (Alternative Energy, 2010). Interesting fact is that this state is generally known for the gulf and all the oil production that goes on there and to see that this state is taking steps into wind turbines as an effort to produce renewable energy is remarkable.

The extent to which alternative energy and conventional energy spontaneously usage may depend on the amount of which it is being produced. Laughlin has been informing many around the world about his remarkable break through with the cost of this useful energy and the technique of operant conditioning, so that it is no surprise that one day will be manufacturing alternative and conventional energy at a lower cost than fossil fuel. Many other researchers have used conventional energy and are now taking an approach that parallels the process by which humans acquire most of. In an experimental study, alternative energy and conventional energy have shown significant (Alternative energy, 2010) contrasted two techniques, using electricity as their subject. They found that most of the renewable energy usage was significantly more than what they expected.

How will mankind benefit from this research?

There is considerable evidence that alternative energy have invented creative ideas. One the earliest and most controversial examples involved the Hoover dam of Nevada. Hoover dam, was a break through with hydropower plants which is capable of producing “24 percent of the world’s electricity and supply more than 1 billion people with power” (Hydro plants, 1998). Researchers suggested that there was no basis for concluding that alternative energy was going to be the next big thing to happen since the production era” Alternative Energy, 2010). Alternative energy was simply looked at another research project to “Just do to get paid and never taken seriously until now that is.”

Other examples are not so easily explained away. Laughlin has suggested that by combining alternative energy and conventional energy will result in a cost effective manner for all of mankind since the discovery of fire (Alternative Energy, 2010). If one could think about all the possibilities of alternative energy and what this means for the future, everyone will know that taking the step into renewable resources can be what everyone will need. It seems as if the way mankind consumes natural resources and of course the daily burning of fossil fuels all result in the idea to expand on alternative energy. Any analyses report will end showing results that are all the same and that is production of alternative energy is what everyone will need, and this need will come so fast that it will get one thinking will there be enough of it when demand rockets sky high? Or is this problem concerning the same problem as conventional energy can we make it?

Is alternative energy to solution to the depletion of fossil fuel?

The early terms in which recycling can become difficult and easier said than done. However many years of research showed that Environmental Specialist have been through enormous efforts to find ways of acquiring alternative energy. An attempt to keep Hawaii sustainable for our youths of tomorrow depends whether or not everyone will take action to this problem. “Factoid #20 did you know that ‘Renewable energy is becoming cost-competitive with fossil fuels in the U.S'” (Sustainable, 2010). What are you going to do?

Previous attempts at sustainability have seemed to fail yet there is still another chance to take a shot at it again. This change is possible and truly depends on everyone’s input to this effort. What needs to happen for this to take place, which is simple and that is to ensure that everyone embracing the idea that alternative energy is the way to go. This can be different since some people who figure that it isn’t their duty to conserve when the in the past mankind has ruined for others in the future. So therefore they don’t feel responsible for what is going on today. However everyone is responsible for others actions because it’s one world and this means we need to police each other if we want this world to last, to show the future what it was to preserve it. Such as dependency on fossil fuels to operate mainly everything there is in this world. As time goes on we notice the dramatic increase on the depletion of fossil fuels. However there are alternative ways of power besides fossil fuels. In the turn of the century mankind is research with as many alternative energy as possible to “reduce carbon emission given off from fossil fuel which adds to the global warming issue.” (Sustainable, 2010).


What does it mean to obtain a sustainable future is to ensure the safety of all mankind far and wide. The understanding of a sustainable future is related to like having an Army that will protect you no matter what happens but in this case it’s more like an Army that everyone must put a piece together to ensure that this Army is stand strong. It can only get stronger the more that mankind adds to it. By adding to it, is to ensure that people conserve and recycle their garbage daily. Such ways are make sure that you separate all metal, plastic, and other waste products in separate containers and dispose of properly. Although everyone will have there own meaning of a sustainable future there is one fact that can be concluded about all these unique definitions and that is that they all comes down to alternative energy. According to Farlex dictionary is states that sustainability is “To keep in existence; maintain; to supply with necessities or nourishment; to provide for; to affirm the validity of; and to keep up” (Farlex Inc, 2010) the natural resources and recycle to reuse. Therefore a sustainable future is stated more or less as a very serious situation in which we all must pay attention to. However as according to Investopedia renewable resources mean, “A substance of economic value that can be replaced or replenished in the same amount or less time as it takes to draw the supply down.” (Investopia, 2010). Some renewable resources have essentially an endless supply, such as solar energy, wind energy and geothermal pressure, while other resources are considered renewable even though some time or effort must go into their renewal, such as wood, oxygen, leather and fish. Most precious metals are considered renewable as well; even though they are not naturally replaced, they can be recycled because they are not destroyed during their extraction and use.  

What are the implications of the usage of alternative energy?

Researchers are so impressed that they may help everyone world wide to come to an understanding of alternative energy. Pointing out that majority of the current generation are seeing this problem on daily basis that alternative energy is the way to go because of natural resources being used up quickly. The evolution of energy is on the breaking point and soon everyone will being producing their own renewable energy and who knows what would be next to replace the “renewable energy. For example if everyone is using and reproducing it is there going to be problem of conserving it? However there is no explanation for that situation until we know what will happen. So as for now mankind is exposed to the renewable resource and all there is to do is embrace it for what it is. Renewable energy is all around us however it will take a lot to understand that the resources are very obtainable it more of when mankind will want to use it and when they won’t depend so much on fossil fuels as much as they did before.

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