Hill Plast

Hill Plast

Reduce Plastic Waste

Hill Plast, a company working in Haiti for recycling plastic wastes like bottles. The world today is facing many problems pertaining to environment and the piling up of plastic wastes is one of them. The company acknowledged this problem especially in its local community of Haiti and thus came up with “Hill Plastic” as a solution of these plastic problems.

Hill Plast, since its establishment in 2019, has successfully been recycling plastic wastes with many young employees who work for this cause. Today, this business has also been expanding its reach by providing training and awareness programs to youth in Haiti about the problems of plastic wastes and the solutions to them.

Hill Past
members of Hill Plast working to recycle plastic bottles

 “We were able to realize this exchange day to let them know the negative impact this could have on the evolving environment and their lives. They had the opportunity to hear and connect with the PLASTIC WASTE RECYCLING VLOG on all social networks a happy day of love at the National School of Argentina de Belgarde.” The founder of Hill Plast, Jhamily Hill Pompilus said.

The effects of plastic waste on our health can be diverse: the impact on immune system , the respiratory system, endocrine problems, decreased fertility, increased risk of cancer etc. These effects exist at every stage of the plastic lifecycle therefore we multiply only multiplying these lethal consequences. If we do not take responsibility about this grave problem now, we are certain to become the victim in future.

The company, which has been running smoothly and effectively ever since its establishment, hopes to expand by producing recycled products such as: bags, covers bag, rounds belt, caps, brooms, rugs, laptop covers, sandals etc.

It also plans to continue spreading awareness through training programs and vlogs in order to educate the youth in Haiti.  The concept of Hill Plast is simple: Unite to protect the planet.

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