ZunRoof is a home-tech startup bringing smart and clean energy choices to homeowners. The startup helps generate electricity through solar energy by making use of unutilised rooftops.

Started in 2016 by Pranesh Chaudhary and Sushant Sachan, the Gurugram-based startup is aiming to become the largest solar rooftop provider in India. It claims to have assessed over 150,000 homes, made designs for 17,000 plus homes, and has installed solar rooftops in over 5000 plus homes.

Speaking about how environmentally conscious their office is, Pranesh says:

“We ensure our employees always follow the best environment practices. As a result, any electronic appliance that is not in use in the office is switched off by the last person leaving the room. There is absolutely zero food wastage, and every employee waters the potted plant on their desk daily.”

Apart from this, ZunRoof does not use any paper in the office for printing, and ensures it takes full advantage of the fact that it is a tech startup and opt for communication via technology.

“Technology is a key-differentiator for home-tech startups like ours. Going paperless is not something we have enforced, but was rather inevitable as it supports easy collaboration within and across teams, ensures confidentiality, maintains a historical record, and keeps our employees connected irrespective of where they are working from,” says Pranesh. Speaking about their other eco-friendly initiatives, Pranesh says, “Our office is well lit with natural lighting and we do not use any artificial lights till 7:00 pm, and only energy efficient LED lights are installed in the office. We have a strict no-plastic policy within the company, as a result of which all the employees have been provided with metal water bottles and only reusable mugs and plates are used. All the customer facing processes are also digitised and executed through our mobile app”.

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