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Two sustainable strategy experts, Ellie Austin and Jessica Ferrow, launched an agency aimed at helping businesses respond to the climate emergency earlier this year. When the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report came out at the end of 2018, it warned that we had 12 years left if we wanted to limit a climate change catastrophe.

“For the last ten years people have kind of been tinkering around the edges of sustainability,” Jessica Ferrow, co-founder of Twelve, tells Euronews Living.

“When we heard [the IPCC recommendation], I think everyone who was working in any kind of sustainability or activism role – that was kind of the firecracker under the proverbial ass of everybody,” she laughs.

This urgency is the idea that drives climate impact agency Twelve, named after the number of years we have left to make unprecedented changes to every aspect of society. “We have less than twelve years, the time is ticking, we can’t just do these incremental changes anymore.”

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