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This company isn’t a household name, but it hopes to be one day. Based in Slovakia, this private company was founded in February 2018 and touts itself as the Airbnb of clean and renewable energy. The company developed brAIn—a proprietary hardware device and artificial intelligence (AI) software. The company states that this product is meant to “optimize energy consumption and maximize (the) efficiency of renewable energy sources.”1

According to Fuergy’s website, consumers who use brAIn can cut their energy costs.1 This is done through collaborative consumption or by sharing renewable energy between consumers and businesses. Fuergy’s proprietary technology connects to the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, such as smart appliances, to make the most effective use of energy consumption.2 For instance, a person with excess solar power can sell that energy to other consumers in their community.2 Businesses can also share their energy with other companies in the same way through Fuergy Business, which the company states can save businesses more than 50% on their energy costs.3

The company generates revenue through the sale of Fuergy devices—Fuergy Business, Fuergy Home, and Fuergy Lite. All of these devices rely on existing energy grids. The company also collects fees through energy savings made from its New Energy Ecosystem.

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