Our Vision is a Sustainable World

Sustainable Development

Our Passion

Our passion lies in contributing to climate action and protecting the earth from harmful effects of climate change. 


Our vision is to change more millions of people to switch to a completely sustainable lifestyle and create a positive impact to the environment. 


Meet Core Team


Pranjal Pokharel

Tech Guru, Part time Foodie, Part time High Schooler, Expert in everything, He is happier than he looks,


Pallavi Pokharel

Co- Founder Part time Climate activist Part time graduate Loves Dancing Life of the Party


Luca Momigliano

Co- Founder Part time Climate activist Part time Undergraduate Student Proud Vegan Ping-Pong expert He is nicer than he looks


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Once upon a time, there was a startup idea....


The Founders of Climate Sniper, Pallavi Pokharel and Luca Momigliano met at Youth Changemaker Challenge hosted buy Innova and Partnered by Ashoka Italy. Pallavi, a 22 year old Environmental graduate attended the challenge to come up with an idea to solve the issue of climate change. After communicating with many participants, Pallavi finally communicated with Luca, a 19 year-old Italian climate activist and together they came up with an idea to work on a stratup which would contribute to the environment and the society. They registered the challenge with the idea and over the course of two weeks they worked together to work on the project. 

Finally, they made an interactive video (available on the Home page of the website) which explained their project and the aim of their project. Consequently, after passionately working on the idea for more than two weeks, they presented their video and their idea won among 100+ participants ( 20+ ideas)and the rest is history !!

Here's what the CEO has to say

You're never too small to start something you love doing.

- Pallavi Pokharel

About Us

We are some cool youngsters trying to save our hot planet. If you want to know more,  subscribe to our newsletter.